A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Welcome to Baldi's Crafting basics.

That game is 100% fan-made game for Baldi's Basics by mystman12.

Game system is complet from sketch, not downloaded code.

AI is very basic code, but it's working.

Solve some math awsners, there numbers are randomly generated from 1 to 20.

And impossible mode? of course.

Every problem = Bigger baldi speed

The game has and beginning and ending. :)

Install instructions

1. Extract the archive

2. Start BCB.exe

3. Play


0.0.1-BETA 26 MB
0.1.0-BETA 63 MB


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make a game called granny please i like your game very much how did you do that

is it on mac

Simply not.
We're currently working on Project Elunna (which can be also planned for Windows/Linux/Mac)...

  1. hello i thing i know what this game is so ill try it 
  2.  dont know if its good
  3. im going to try it


Hello this game are so cool!

Thank you. 

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Please, download the new version...

I saw all the videos, but all used v0.0.1-BETA...

I released the v0.1.0-BETA, which fixed all the problems:

- Baldi is only one character (Principal has been added)

- You can escape from map (Added missing doors)

- Enter = Angry Baldi without math (Fixed with one line of code)

And, you can type here some suggestions + ideas to the game.

Good game! But it could be better if baldi asked about how to craft stuff like pickaxe and then he asks how to craft for example a diamond.

Thanks for good idea.